Window Browser does not define a tag for Microsoft Windows

I’ve been working with SilkTest lately at work. I find the tool quite frustrating due to the lack of documentation. I encountered an error when running a testplan this afternoon. The error was:

Error: Window Browser does not define a tag for Microsoft Windows

Borland’s recommends the default browser to be set to the correct browser version. I’ve been using Internet Explorer 6 as my default browser since the dawn of time. To fix the problem, I set the default browser to none. Restarted SilkTest and set the option back to Internet Explorer 6. That seems to have fixed the problem.


I see ghosts.

Or what I thought was a ghost. I was rubbing my eyes just now and looked back up to the screen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a ghostly apparition that looked like smoke curling into a vaguely humanoid form. When I turned to look, it disappeared. Is that how ghosts operate? They don’t let you look at them head on and only allow glimpses to fool your senses. Tricky bastards!


The End of Days

I lost interest in playing Secrets of the Solstice a few weeks ago. Not sure why. Just stopped.

Anyhow, I zipped up all the files for the armory WordPress plugin that I made for the game and it can be downloaded here.

I will not be supporting or updating the plugin; nor will I be of any help answering questions as I’ve forgotten what I actually wrote. There are minimal comments but I believe its pretty clear what I was trying to do.