I see ghosts.

Or what I thought was a ghost. I was rubbing my eyes just now and looked back up to the screen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a ghostly apparition that looked like smoke curling into a vaguely humanoid form. When I turned to look, it disappeared. Is that how ghosts operate? They don’t let you look at them head on and only allow glimpses to fool your senses. Tricky bastards!


Ghosts Own the Night

Last night was freaky scary.

Around 2:30am, I was lying in bed playing Neves on the DS. Then I heard two distinct voices scream out. One was crooning off-key while the other was wailing in sorrow. The two voices clashed and the volume rose as they became more distressed.

I lept out of bed and scrambled to the window. This was a once in a lifetime event; seeing ghosts, that is.

I looked to the right. Nothing.

I looked to the left. Nothing.

Maybe my ears were playing tricks on me. The night was absolutely silent.

I climbed back into bed and the voices came back at an even louder decibel. They were angry. The crooning became shouts; the wailing became cries.

I was tempted to take a look; but, I was afraid of what I would find. Besides, ghosts should stay ghosts. We shouldn’t interact with them unless we want to become ghosts ourselves.