America needs a new curse word

Having read an article on the airlines nickel-and-diming passengers, I realized Americans need a new curse word that is not an expletive. The British have a perfect example of a curse word that is not a bad word by itself. Their word is “bloody”. You see and hear it all the time in interviews and it never gets censored. Bloody this, bloody that, I am quite jealous.

A friend suggested “fricking” as a possibility since its use is prevalent now. But, “fricking” isn’t even a word itself. The word evolved from “fucking” when posters needed to evade form censors. The closest America has to a word to rival “bloody” is “damn”. But, “damn” does not hold the same impact as “bloody”. The word also does not roll off the tongue as easily.

I am drawing a blank. Maybe we should just steal the British word and modify it slightly for our own use. Booby? Body? Bodey? Booey?

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