Harvest Rowe Losing Appeal

As part of my healthy balanced diet, I decided on salad for lunch today. For those who’ve known me, that is close to blasphemy. But, I was introduced to Harvest Rowe on my second day of work and was promptly hooked. Not only were the salads tasty but the place was only two blocks away on 2nd and Market.
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Louder Than Necessary

How long have cell phones been popular? 5 years? 10 years?

I’m sure by now, people have learned cell phone etiquette. When talking on a cell, or any phone for that matter, screaming at a high decibel is not required. The cell phone is practically right next to the mouth; talking in a normal tone of voice is perfectly fine.

All too often, in public and at the workplace, people would answer the phones and talk at a level right below an ear-splitting scream. Not only does this annoy those around them, but it most likely annoys the person on the other end of the line.

In the words of Doris M. Smith, “Arguing with a fool proves there are two.”


Ramblings of an Insomniac #1

It is 1:15am.

I can’t seem to fall asleep.

This insomnia problem has been happening a lot lately. I was a zombie at work on Friday, I’m surprised I was able to function properly.

Now, I am just sitting here staring at the screen, not doing anything particularly important. I thought I could do something productive like update my LinkedIn profile, but I couldn’t think of anything to put down. My mind is a complete blank right now. Some may say it’s not any different from my usual self–the blank mind part.
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Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

I was working on a sitemap for a website today and this error popped up when I tried to view the xml file in the browser: Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

I am not a big expert on XML and its errors. I was using the same Sitemap generator plugin for WordPress on that site as I do on Frobie.

It turns out the error was pretty simple. The other site did not have the leading “www” part in its URL. The XML file was looking for the XSLT file using the full URL path, but the domains did not match so it threw up the access is denied error.


With “www”: http://www.frobie.com/sitemap.xml
Without “www”: http://frobie.com/sitemap.xml



How to hold an Umbrella

There is the question, I do not have the answer.

This morning was a torrential downpour with no wind surprisingly. Since the rain was falling straight down, I thought I wouldn’t have a problem staying dry. I was wrong. By the time I reached the bus stop, the back of my pants from the knee down were soaked through.

I believe I am holding the umbrella correctly. I use a medium-sized umbrella. I hold it at below-chest height about five inches away from my body.  My estimate is the umbrella provides a two foot radius of protection. I am of an average build, so no portions of my body are sticking out.

Yet, for no apparent reason, my pants are usually soaked through.  I need enlightenment. Google has failed in providing me with the answer.


The Mochi’s are Back!

In my never ending quest for online entertainment, I reached back into my dark days of college for an online comic I found funny and refreshing, The Mochi. The comic, drawn by Chris Tsubamoto and Ki Han, follows the adventures of three mochi balls with violent tendencies doing what every mochi ball wishes it could do–travel through time, blow things up, wax poetic about life, etc. I am not sure about the travel in time bit, but they were pretty violent.
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What is a Super Delegate?

The Democratic Nominee race seems to be going down to the wire between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. With a slim margin of delegates between the two candidates, the power held by super delegates have become a popular topic on political shows. The news programs have emphasized super delegates as having the voting power to swing the Democratic primaries to either candidate. But what is a super delegate and who are they?
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MUNI Misadventures #1

Today’s bus ride to work was probably the most uncomfortable one in my lifetime so far.

The bus I take has a limited schedule; the last bus to hit my bus stop is at 8:45am. If I miss that one, I would have to walk another mile to get to BART. So, I leave early thinking I can catch an earlier one. Two blocks before I get to the bus stop, the sky opened up on me. Water cascaded down; I was soaked by the time I made it to the stop. Luckily, there was an open dry space near a fence I could stand on as long as I stood ramrod straight.
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