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On February 5, 2008, California will hold ballots to decide the fate of Prop 91-97. While watching the Warriors game the other night, commercials for and against the indian gaming propositions were shown incessantly. Although, TV had been the standard source for my political views, it’s probably a good idea to do some research now that I have an investment in the welfare of this state. Getting taxed so heavily makes people politically aware–I’m sure someone in history stated that before.

Proposition 91: The Transportation Funding Protection Act of 2006

  • Prohibits certain motor vehicle fuel sales and use taxes, that are earmarked for the Transportation Investment Fund, from being retained in the General Fund. Currently such taxes may be retained if Governor issues a proclamation, a special statute is enacted by a 2/3 vote of the Legislature, repayment occurs within three years, and certain other conditions are met.
  • Requires repayment by 6/30/17 of such vehicle fuel taxes retained in General Fund from 7/1/03 to 6/30/08. Currently repayment is generally required by 6/30/16.
  • Changes how and when General Fund borrowing of certain transportation funds is allowed.

Voter Information Guide

To sum up this weird government speak, Prop 91 will stop the state government from taking the fuel taxes and putting it to use for anything other than improving Transportation in California.

The only argument in favor of Proposition 91 calls for voters to vote against the initiative. Seriously, that is confusing as all hell. The argument says Proposition 1A passed in 2006 already keeps locally generated taxes within the locals right to use said taxes, which I assume means Proposition 91 would be redundant. Why do we even have Prop 91 when Prop 1A already covers it and became official. This is why there are so many cracks about red tape and bureaucracy.

Obviously, we’re suppose to make our decision for the benefit of those living in California, but my views aren’t so broad. In fact, they are downright narrow and selfish. I use public transportation often; to maintain or even improve public transportation, I would vote yes for this Proposition.

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