Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

I was working on a sitemap for a website today and this error popped up when I tried to view the xml file in the browser: Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

I am not a big expert on XML and its errors. I was using the same Sitemap generator plugin for WordPress on that site as I do on Frobie.

It turns out the error was pretty simple. The other site did not have the leading “www” part in its URL. The XML file was looking for the XSLT file using the full URL path, but the domains did not match so it threw up the access is denied error.


With “www”: http://www.frobie.com/sitemap.xml
Without “www”: http://frobie.com/sitemap.xml



On the Move

Moved Frobie to a different host today, the other one was getting a bit pricey and wasn’t really as reliable as when I signed up a few years ago. The transition was surprisingly uneventful; I backed up the database, pointed the nameservers to the new host and reinstalled WordPress. Easy as pie.

Speaking of pies, this Canvas Pie Chart technique by Chris Heilmann looks totally awesome. I have to figure out a way to include the chart into this blog. Maybe a pie chart based on the post counts for each category?


YouTube Plugin FTW!

On recommendation from wutaku, I’ve installed the WP-Youtube 2.0 plugin created by Jens Törnell.

The plugin works beautifully. In the YouTube Profile manager, you can assign color to the video player and save it under a profile to be used by any poster. The actual code to post up a video is pretty intuitive–[profile]YouTube ID[profile]. The YouTube ID is the code seen at the end of the URL from the YouTube links. Once published, that piece of code magically changes to the YouTube video!

What’s awesome is the auto-start option that can be set for a profile where the video plays once the page loads. If I were cruel and evil, I could set up one such profile and Rick Roll visitors on the jump!
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