Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

I was working on a sitemap for a website today and this error popped up when I tried to view the xml file in the browser: Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

I am not a big expert on XML and its errors. I was using the same Sitemap generator plugin for WordPress on that site as I do on Frobie.

It turns out the error was pretty simple. The other site did not have the leading “www” part in its URL. The XML file was looking for the XSLT file using the full URL path, but the domains did not match so it threw up the access is denied error.


With “www”:
Without “www”:


3 thoughts on “Access is Denied. Error Processing Resource.

  1. Even I am facing the same problem. I am sending a response of created XML using XMLDOC in ASP. The error is “Access is denied. Error processing resource”. I am not using any XSLT

  2. In Google’s Webmaster Tools, I believe there is a setting to specifically tell Google to include the www when they index your site.

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