Drama in the Primaries all but over

This is disappointing.

In the past, the primaries have always been predetermined before the 2nd wave of states can contribute to the match. This year was suppose to be different. Both the Democrats and the Republicans had strong candidates to become their presidential representatives. Now the outlook, however, has become pretty clear cut due to the decisions of endorsers and the resignation of one of the Big Three in the Democratic Party.

On the Republican side of things, Rudy Guiliani resigned from the competition and put in his endorsement for John McCain. Rumors has the California Governer, Arnold Schwarzennagar, also giving his endorsement to McCain in the near future. Once this nomination phase is over, the Republicans need to stand together in solidarity. With McCain as the front runner and already two possible heavy endorsements, all future endorsements will most likely go to him.

This leaves the other two candidates, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, in a deep hole to climb. They didn’t help themselves in the Republican debate this evening either. Romney was bullied by McCain throughout the entire debate; he would consistently get silenced by McCain’s aggressive stance. The public does not want a weak president and Romney showed he was easily cowered on national TV. Huckabee spoke in a self-deprecating manner, making light of his speeches during his turn to speak. The only people in a debate who does this are the ones who know they are losing and has accepted that as fact, like Fred Thompson did in the first Democratic debate when he had a hissy fit because Obama and Clinton was getting all the face time. Super Tuesday will now just be McCain’s victory parade.

On the Democratic side, John Edwards has dropped out of the competition. It was obvious that this was going to happen. I didn’t think Edwards would bow out so soon though. He still had a chance if he swept key states on Super Tuesday. But, with the Obama and Clinton campaigners throwing up ads attacking one another, you can see that Edwards was just a small blip on their radar. Not worth putting out a negative ad for.

The Democratic race between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama is probably the only legit race left in the primaries. Clinton is riding high on her win in Florida and will likely do very well in California and New York due to the people there being favorable towards the past Clinton administration. Obama is not backing down though. He recieved a number of big endorsements from heavy political figures such as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

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