Highly Recommended Optometrist

For those working in the financial district in San Francisco, I highly recommend Dr. Marc Lester for all your optometry needs. I needed a new pair of glasses due to my old pair losing its integrity; the waxy part that sits on the nose.

Dr. Lester came highly recommended by my co-workers and the positive reviews on Yelp are absolutely glowing.

Dr. Lester was easy-going and personable while also being efficient and professional. While other optometrists would extend the visit unnecessarily by talking about their day, their kids, and their love life, Dr. Lester was all business. He gave me the checkup and helped pick out my new glasses in under 20 minutes. A perfect pace for those on the go.

The rack of glasses he has on display are pretty modern as well. Personally, I have no fashion sense. My first pair of glasses were big, plastic, and slightly purple. My second pair was gold-rimmed and hung loosely on my face, forcing me to push them up every five minutes. Dr. Lester found three glasses that fit my face and he did not try to upsell unneeded extras.

Totally recommend him.

Contact Info:
Dr. Marc Lester
44 Montgomery Street #2020
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 392-1068

You’ll have to get a sticker from the front desk before they let you up the elevator.

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