Movie Review: Bee Movie

bee_movie.jpgBee Movie is an enjoyable coming of age movie through the eyes of a bee. The lead character, Barry B. Benson, is about to start the rest of his life as a worker bee. But Barry doesn’t want to live the boring, monotonous life of a honey-making bee. He sets out to explore the rest of the world, including the treacherous humans.

As with most animated animal or creature films, the animal species are given human traits and abilities. The bees speak English, work blue collar jobs, and of course, will sue anyone and anything that moves.

The voice cast for Bee Movie includes Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, and John Goodman. The voices matched the character roles very well, but Jerry Seinfeld’s voice always seem to have this annoying trait to it.

The plot progresses nicely at a steady pace. Never did I feel the action was too slow. At 90 minutes, the movie hits the mark on length; long enough to develop and finish the story without filler. In the end, the main character gets a lesson on the importance of every piece of the ecosystem, regardless of how insignificant they seem.

Score: B


One thought on “Movie Review: Bee Movie

  1. i don’t like Jerry Seinfeld’s voice either; a high-nasal tone it seems. I also didn’t like the Seinfeld show either. Seinfeld was a show about nothing. What was so interesting about that?

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