Pet Peeve #4

I am not sure what triggered my peeve-ness this past week; but, I seem to be getting unusually frustrated during the day especially when using public transportation is involved.

Today I was in line to take the escalator from BART to the street. There is an unwritten rule when using an escalator. The right-hand side of the escalator is for those who want a stationary climb. The left-hand side are for those who want to walk up to expedite the process.

I am not sure why the sections were divvied up in this manner. Maybe, the general populace is predominantly right-handed, so they use their right-hand to grip the hand hold.

Anyhow, back to the story. I take the left-hand side and begin my trek upward to the light only to halt my process abruptly due to the person ahead of me standing still. I look past his arm and two bodies past him a young lady was conversing with her friend on the right-hand side.

Obviously, they did not understand the unwritten rule. The only time anyone can stand still on the left-hand side is in malls when families get on the escalator as a group. Or when someone takes their sweet time getting off the escalator as I mentioned in Pet Peeve #3 and blocks the flow of traffic.

An angry rumbling began from the end of the escalator up to the young lady’s position and she finally got the hint to step aside. The rush of reaching the top was both exhilarating and frustrating. Exhilarating in the way the mob menatality accomplished a goal; frustrating in that the goal had to involve going to work.

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