Red Bull Gives You Wings

Lately, I’ve been feeling energy-less around 2 to 3pm at work. I needed a pick me up. I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the bitter taste and for some weird reason, coffee makes me sleepy.

I decided to go with energy drinks. Most of them are sweet and cold, which fits my tastes more than coffee. There is only one energy drink whose name I know. Red Bull. The company behind Red Bull always has commercials depicting cartoon characters getting wings after taking a sip. I was looking for that same affect which the drink delivered.

I hadn’t felt that energized in a long time. I was able to breeze through my work with maximum effort and focus. Unfortunately, I did not take into account the after effects of an energy drink such as Red Bull. After the energy ran out, my wings fell off and I crashed hard. I could barely stay awake on the ride home and almost missed my stop.

But, this little setback isn’t going to stop me from drinking more of this stuff. I bought a whole case the other day, would be a shame to waste it.

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