SF: Prop L – Funding the Community Justice Center

Shall the City guarantee that the City provide first-year funding for the Community Justice Center, authorize the Director of Property to lease space for the CJC, and define the CJC’s scope and operations?

So, the Community Justice Center is already in place and has already leased space as well as hired the crew to staff the center. But, the Board of Supervisors decided to put a hold on their first year funding for unknown reasons. This proposition is on the ballot to guarantee that the Center receives the funding they were allotted when it was first created.

What exactly does the Community Justice Center do?

The CJC Court will be hearing criminal cases which fall under misdemeanors, non-violent felonies and other crimes as seen fit by the Superior Court and the Mayor. The CJC will service the crimes committed in the Tenderloin, SOMA, Civic Center, and Union Square neighborhoods. The CJC will also have the necessary staff to provide access to social, health and community services to defendants and other community members.

Sounds like a good cause and there would be a side benefit of unclogging the court system with these type of crimes.

Vote Yes on Proposition L to guarantee the CJC will do what they do.

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