SF: Prop F – Holding All Scheduled City Elections Only in Even-Numbered Years

Shall the City shift all City elections except special elections to even-numbered years after the November 2011 election?

Short answer, no.

The long answer is there should be a separation between the national and city elections. We want the city officials to be given the opportunity to properly introduce themselves, their values, and their policies. If the election of city officials occur at the same time as the president, they would get nil air time.
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SF: Prop F – Affordable Housing Requirement for the Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard Mixed-Use Development Project

Shall it be City policy that any mixed-use development plan the City approves for Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard require 50% of all new housing units developed in the area be affordable, give preferences for the rental or purchase of new affordable housing to families of low and moderate income, and, if Alice Griffith housing is rebuilt, replace the units on a one-to-one basis; and shall the City be prohibited from selling, conveying or leasing any City-owned land at Candlestick Point unless the Board of Supervisors finds that the mixed-use development plan for this area incorporates these policies?

Currently, state law requires any new mixed development to include at least 15% affordable housing.
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