Will it oint?

Oronine Ointment
Otsuka Seiyaku
Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer

Water – gives it the liquid feeling
PEG-6-32 – not recommended for use on damaged skin but good enough for cosmetics; not reassuring
stearyl alcohol – environmental toxin that causes cancer in high doses and is known to irritate skin; thickener
glycerin – smooths skin; laxative
beeswax – magical acne curing properties
petrolatum – lubrication
lauromacrogol – treats pain, inflammation, and itching; numbing effect; and haemorrhoids; anal itch
olive oil – nature’s healing
chlorhexidine digluconate – anti-bacterial agent; may cause cancer
fragrance – medicinal smell

Otsuka Pharm. Factory, Inc
Tokushima, Japan

I have no clue why I wrote this post above; but it would be a shame not to release it to the world.

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