Ramblings of an Insomniac #1

It is 1:15am.

I can’t seem to fall asleep.

This insomnia problem has been happening a lot lately. I was a zombie at work on Friday, I’m surprised I was able to function properly.

Now, I am just sitting here staring at the screen, not doing anything particularly important. I thought I could do something productive like update my LinkedIn profile, but I couldn’t think of anything to put down. My mind is a complete blank right now. Some may say it’s not any different from my usual self–the blank mind part.

Maybe, it was the Red Bull from before. Drinking the energy drink everyday probably screwed with my internal clock.

Sleeping is overrated anyhow. I can work perfectly fine on four hours of sleep. I may doze off during lunch, but that time isn’t the company’s time. Or is it? How many of you work during lunch? Buy a sandwich and bring it back to the desk to chew on while continuing with your morning work. I do. I don’t even leave early, it’s like I give the company an extra hour of my time. Strange that.

I need to find a way to knock myself out. I don’t want to take any sleeping pills though. You never know with drugs. You may never wake up after an overdose. And how does the general public even know the pills contain what the manufacturer says they contain? They could all be placebos for all we know.

I could listen to the NPR radio show, but they have some interesting stuff during the late night hours. There is this one show where callers would phone up the show and talk about all their indecent sex problems to the doctor hosts. The hosts usually makes fun of them; sometimes they have helpful comments, but mostly they ridicule them. It’s funny. Now that I think about it, I don’t think the radio station is part of NPR.

I could play a bit more of Advance Wars. The later stage battles last forever. After 40 minutes of building the same units and sending them over the mountains to their destruction, I should be asleep. Speaking of which, I picked up two more games which I will probably review in the coming weeks. Geometry Wars: Galaxies and Dungeon Explorer: Art of the Ancient Warriors. Or Ancient Arts of Warriors. Or Warriors of the Ancient Arts. Something like that. Both for the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS is the most awesome handheld gaming console ever. The PSP is way too bulky.

Did anyone catch the Clinton speech tonight? That was some crazy shit. She was going on about Obama saying one thing in his speeches and then saying something different in the commercials. Not sure what she was trying to accomplish except look like a total douchebag. That is probably a not politically correct thing for me to say. I apologize for calling Clinton that vulgar name. I do. But really. This is politics, right? Doesn’t she have anything else to say instead of going on a 10 minute rant about Obama’s political tactics? She would have looked more favorable if she could rise above all that nonsense.

It is damn cold right now.

Who owns VITA? They have some nice drinking products. I especially like their Honey Chrysanthemum Tea Drink. It is da bomb as the young’uns would say. Wait. I am still young. I think. Anyways, I can drink this stuff forever. No preservatives added. Nice. Ingredients include water, sugar, honey, dried chrysanthemum, sodium, citrate, and carrageenan. Not sure what the last two do, but the first five sounds awesome. Manufactured by Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd. somewhere in Hong Kong. Sounds cool. Hope the box isn’t made with lead like the toys out of China.

Whoa. I just noticed a bunch of my former and current coworkers have their own personal blogs. Does every person in the tech industry have their own blogs? If only there was a site which listed the blogs of every person categorized by the company they work for; does Technocrati do this?

I just noticed my area of work here is very dusty. I think this lamp I bought in the 90s attracts dust.  There is no way it could get this dusty after I wiped it down a day ago.

My fingers are tired. I think I’m just going to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. Eventually, I will fall asleep or dawn will break and it will be time to get up.

It is now 1:46am.

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