CA: Prop 3 – Children’s Hospital Bond Act of 2008

Proposition 3 asks of the California populace for permission to sell general obligation bonds up to $980 million in order to construct, expand, remodel, refurnish, and equip children hospitals. Seeing as how I just wrote a post to vote no on the animal cruelty proposition, it would be horrible for me to vote no on this one as well. But, I will be voting no. The reason?

On November 2004, voters passed Proposition 61 which sold $750 million worth of general obligation bonds for the same purpose. It has taken four years for roughly $400 million to be awarded to eligible hospitals. There is still $300 million sitting somewhere in the coffers collecting dust. Why do we need to add on another $980 million to the surplus when the state is already in debt? When they run out in three years, they can put this proposition back on the ballot.

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