CA: Prop 4 – Child and Teen Safety and Stop Predators Act: Sarah’s Law.

Currently, any unemancipated minor can have an abortion without notifying their parents or legal guardians. In the proposition, an unemancipated minor is a female under the age of 18 who has not entered into a valid marriage, is not on active duty in the armed services of the United States, and has not been declared free from her parents’ or guardians’ custody and control under state law.

Passing Proposition 4 will require the doctor to notify the parents or legal guardians either through phone or postage mail 48 hours before the procedure with a few exceptions.

Notification will be not be needed if the mother’s health is at-risk, the parent or legal guardian has waived the right of notification, the court has recognized the minor as being mature enough for the decision or the parents/legal guardian is abusive toward the child.

This sounds like a reasonable proposition. This is not stopping the abortion, it is just giving the parents or legal guardian a heads up on what is about to happen.

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