New TV Opens New World

The other day, the garbage company made available to the neighborhood three of those large open-top refuse containers for disposal of large items. This was a perfect opportunity to junk some of the things we had laying around the house.

Metal pipes, broken computer, broken vcr, old clothes–I bet they would have accepted the kitchen sink if asked.

Anyhow, we had purchased a new television set a few years ago and this was as good a time as any to make the actual replacement.
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Bones is Awesome

I stopped watching fictional television shows quite a while ago, but I haven’t been able to stop watching the crime drama Bones.

Bones follows an FBI agent named Booth and a Smithsonian scientist named Brennan as they investigate deaths through fieldwork and lab analysis. The interaction between the two star characters and the sarcastic humor in the show is what keeps me interested. I also like the lab work which is similar to CSI–a show I had interest in the past.

This year’s season finale is supposedly mind blowing. I was waiting until the weekend to watch the last few episodes leading up to the finale. Unfortunately, Wutaku spoiled the plot of the finale as he is apt to do. Damn you Wutaku! Damn you!!!


Buzzing Made Me Batty

I turned off the bathroom fan tonight and an annoying buzzing began. The fan is relatively new, having been installed less than a year ago. I removed the bulbs to take a peak inside; there was an inch of dust all over the surface. After using a hand-held vacuum to suck out all the dust, I screwed on the bulbs and flipped the switch. No more buzzing! Awesome!

I washed my hands and flipped off the light. Took one step out of the bathroom and the buzzing began again. What the hell! I thought to myself, “Maybe if I just leave it alone, it will magically fix itself.”

No such luck.
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War of the In-laws 2: ?????????

This is a comedy series that started playing in december 2007. Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, and a few more. Its about a war between the Mother and the In-law (myolie wu). The theme is around a fashion magazine called Elva where the Mother is the Director of the magazine.. Lots of tension between them results in some “driving you nuts” type of drama.  I”d rate it an 8/10.


Heart of Greed: ????

It is a story of a renowned sea-products retailer and a big traditional family, in which there are those who manage to endure to the end, those who consider themselves superior to everyone else, those who love and respect their brothers, those who seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambition, those who stay loyal to their beloved, and those who remain grateful for whatever they get..

Length: 40 Episodes Long.

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The Drive of Life: ????

Length of this series is 60 episodes long. I’d give this series a rating of 9 out of 10. Theres a lot of good acting and drama inside this series. There is enough will power and drive in the whole family that allows them to rise up again after falling all the way down.

Drive of life song by Raymond Lam:


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