The Drive of Life: ????

Length of this series is 60 episodes long. I’d give this series a rating of 9 out of 10. Theres a lot of good acting and drama inside this series. There is enough will power and drive in the whole family that allows them to rise up again after falling all the way down.

Drive of life song by Raymond Lam:



In 2007, a Chinese independent brand car is finally running on the US’s road. In the car, there are 3 directors from Wah family’s car factory – Wah Zhen Pong, Tin Zhen Man and Wah Ching Ling. After many years of hard work, they have finally establish an independent brand of cars, and successfully built up their overseas markets, thus bringing China’s car industry out a step further. This is the Wah’s family dream, and also a story of a family breaking up but reunited together again to work towards their dream.

Here is some of the Cast
Damien Lau as Wah Man Hang
Gigi Wong as Hui Zhan Yan
Raymond Lam as Wah Zhen Pong
Jessica Hsuan as Wah Qing Yuk
Liu Ging Sang as Wah Man Hung
Feng Shao Feng as Wah/Tin Zhen Man
Michael Miu as Wah Man Shek
Sheren Tang as Wong Siu Fun
Toby Leung as Wah Ching Ling
Chan Mei Kei as Wai Cheung Ping
Charmaine Sheh as Wing Sau Fung
Myolie Wu as Fong Bing Yee
Chiu Ngor as Lee Seen Sin
Ron Ng as Sin Gai Keung
Ng Wai Kwok as Ngai Tin Hang
Joe Ma as Ngai Wing Piew

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