Chilly Weather

I can not handle cold weather.

Born and raised in San Francisco, I prefer the outside temperature to be around the high 60s to low 70s with mild humidity and slight wind. Vibrant blue skies and fluffy white clouds would round out the perfect day.

Perfect Day
Perfect Day

These past few days, the temperature dropped precipitately into the mid-40s. Everytime the wind blew against my face, it felt like a hundred pins were pricking me. My shoulders shook with each breeze, my hands were numb, and my entire body slowed down to a crawl. I have a new appreciation for those Green Bay Packer fans braving the single digit temperatures to cheer for their team last Sunday.

During lunch today, we had to decide where to go. Cold food was only a block away, hot food was much farther. We ended up grabbing hot food at Porticco, a pasta/pizza place on 1st and Mission. Everytime I went to Porticco, I would either get their Tuna Dynasty sandwich or the Roast Beef sandwich. But, seeing as how it was super cold, I couldn’t think straight and grabbed a box of Chicken Penne.

I’m not sure if it’s the oily nature of the dish or the combination of eating spicy food on a cold day, but I was promptly sick two hours afterwards. Runny nose, slight cough, crappy feeling, the whole nine yards.

Nestle Drumstick Classic
Nestle Drumstick Classic

I learned a lesson today. On days like these, never eat spicy foods. Always go with the tried and true method of eating ice cream on a chilly day.

Look at that ice cream cone. My favorite type. Made by Nestle. Doesn’t it just scream tropics? I know I scream for ice-cream. Going on a tangent, but which company penned the previous phrase. It slipped my mind.

Anyhow, back to Nestle.

A layer of peanuts sitting on a chocolate crust covering the creamy white filling all held together by a crunchy cone. At the tip of the cone is a thick layer of chocolate; a perfect ending to a perfect cold weather snack.

I would totally get one right now if the supermarket was closer and it wasn’t so damn cold outside. Dammit! When will this cold weather front end? I bet it’s the Groundhog’s fault. The wrongs of the world can be traced back to that furry fool. Every year should be open season on Groundhogs.

The next day should be better than today. I can get back to making relevant posts instead of this pointless rambling.

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