Fraught with Peril at Work

Life is fraught with peril, and we get another example of it today. On the way to work, I notice a helicopter circling the area. Hrm… that’s new. As I get closer to work, one of the bigger streets is sealed off by police. Several smaller streets in the area are also closed. Hrm… something’s a foot. As I pass the nearby Walgreens, I see several police cars in the Walgreens parking. I turn to look at the other side, and crap, is that a SWAT car???

I start realizing something big is up, and it sure isn’t a traffic accident. The cause of the police action is a stand-off between the police department and a robbery suspect. Read more about the stand-off at the Oakland Tribune. But the underlying cause of it is Oakland. Oakland Oakland Oakland. Oak-Town is grummy and shadowy. With the exception of the Golden State Warriors, Oakland offers nothing. I’m just glad I leave this slum before the night settles.

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