Frobie Shop Online

The Frobie Shop is now online.

I signed up for an Amazon affiliate a long, long time ago when was originally a listing of free after rebate products. When I lost my direction in terms of improving and marketing the website, the Amazon account drifted away into limbo. I didn’t have any use for the account and the hassle involved in closing down the account took much too long.

But now, the account has been resurrected.

It’s alive, ALIVE!!

Since I do game reviews occasionally and mScreener is an avid movie-watcher, I decided to try my hand at implementing an Amazon store filled with the products we review.

The process to create the Amazon store is really easy. Amazon laid out the steps to create the store in the Associate account. You can add entire categories or pick and choose products. They even allow overwriting of their CSS, so users can match the color scheme to their website. Amazon offers three ways to integrate their store into your site. As a standalone URL, a frameset, or an iframe. I chose to use an iframe.

WordPress makes it simple to add the iframe into the site. Select to create a new page, drop in the iframe code into the textarea, add a title and publish live. Quick and clean.

I had a little stumble though. The first time I looked at the page, the store was cut in half due to the two side columns this theme uses. To remedy the problem, I created a new template page with only the header and footer and saved it into the theme’s folder. Back to editing the page, I was able to select the new template page as the template to use with the Amazon store. The layout turned out pretty well.

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