Movie Review: 305

305305 is another comedy spoof on 300.  The story tells of five additional Spartan warriors, in addition to the regular 300 that fought in the great battle.  These five Spartans were supposed to be guarding an innocent little goat path.  Little did they know, the goat path would cause the death of King Leonidas and his Spartan army.

This is a low budget movie produced in a mockumentary format.  The five Spartans are routinely filmed sitting in a chair discussing their thoughts, similar in style to the quiet room or confession room in reality TV shows.

The low budget film feels like it could have been an extended Saturday Night Live skit or a piece, but that adds to the campy and corny feel to it that gives it character.  The writing and dialogue is on the money.  The stupidity of the characters are over the top.

At first glance, most people would ignore the film.  They would be the ones losing out.  This movie is an absolute hidden gem.  You would need to know a little of the plot of 300 to understand the background for 305, so here is a crash course for those who haven’t watched 300.

King Leonidas of Sparta brings 300 warriors to fight a Persian army of tens of thousands, led by King Xerxes.  The Spartans fend off the Persian army for weeks, until the Persians discovers a small path behind the Spartans position.  The Persian army used this path to defeat the mighty Spartan army.

This movie goes to explain that little side path in a humorous way.

Score: B

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