Movie Review: Army of the Dead

Army of the DeadOnce in a while, a movie comes along and makes you wonder if they ever make Hollywood movies from college writing assignments. Army of the Dead is one such movie. The movie has a group of Baja desert visitors unknowingly hitting up gold from the lost city of El Dorado.

Lousy acting added to the crappy script makes this movie a waste of time. Even the thought of an undead skeleton wielding a shotgun couldn’t save the movie.  Stuck in the Baja desert, with an army of undead skeletons chasing behind, whats a guy to do? He builds a telsa coil to zap the undead!

The entire movie is uninspiring. I found myself cheering for the undead, hoping they would just kill off everyone in the movie. Unfortunately, it seems like the undead stop moving when the camera pans away. The undead are also an underachieving group, as they can be seen standing around doing nothing for most of the film.

This looks like it could have been a senior project for college. The script could have fulfilled a senior writing project while the actors could have been using this as a performance project. The computer graphics was probably done in-house by the multimedia department running some low power hardware. For a school project shown for free on campus at the student center or if you’re related to someone involved with the film, this wouldn’t be that bad.

I’m not on campus, and I don’t know any of these people.

Score: C-


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