Movie Review: Hitman

HitmanAgent 47 is the one of the latest to make the jump from video games to movie screen. The nameless killer is an assassin for hire in a group known as The Organization–known as The Agency in the video game.

When a hit on a Russian political member turns bad, Agent 47 finds himself being chased by Interpol, the Russian FSB, and even other hitmen from The Organization.

Hitman has a good deal of shooting and fighting scenes, which I liked. Not much explosions, but just shooting shit up. The storyline isn’t as well conceived. At times, it felt like they just didn’t care about how they got around to the gun shooting, just get to it and start blasting away. I generally do not have a problem with that, but I felt this movie had great potential and they’re pissing that away with the lackluster plot. The runtime of the movie is about 100 minutes, or an hour and a half. If they were to add another 20 minutes for deeper story development, it would have made this a great movie.

The acting was adequate. It won’t win any acting awards, but at least it didn’t feel like they were reading off cue cards. I think they could have done a better casting job on Agent 47. Timothy Olyphant had the look, but his voice and acting didn’t make you believe he was a cold blooded assassin. Vin Diesel was penciled in to play Agent 47, and I’m glad that didn’t pan out. Vin Diesel as Agent 47 would have ruined the movie.

Score: A-

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