Movie Review: Street Kings

Street KingsStreet Kings is a movie about how city cops operate. The cops own the streets and can do anything they want. All of it gets covered up by the police department before the media and the public get hold of it. But when something goes wrong and fingers start pointing, the structure and loyalty starts to fade.

This movie stars Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, and a few hip hop / rap artists like Common and The Game. Keanu Reeves sucks as an actor. He can only play two types of characters: non-human characters or dead people. Unfortunately, his role in Street Kings is neither Tree #3 nor dead.

Ignoring Reeves’ shitty acting skills, the movie itself is fairly exciting and entertaining. There’s enough gun shooting to keep action fans from dozing off. There’s enough plot to keep the movie critics happy. And there’s enough Keanu Reeves to keep this movie from pulling in a top score.

Got some good lines in the movie though. Talking about murder suspects: “You know this is some bullshit, right? These dudes is monsters, man. I mean if they can’t fuck it, rob it, or kill it they don’t want it.” Talking after a police raid: “How can you shoot a guy taking a dump? I mean, seriously, that’s sacred. That’s like shooting a man in church.”

Score: B


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