Movie Review: Super High Me

Army of the DeadSuper High Me is a parody documentary of Super Size Me. In Super Size Me, they filmed a guy eating fast food for 30 days straight. In Super High Me, they filmed a comedian smoking weed for 30 days straight.

The movie centers around comedian Doug Benson. To fully test the effects of smoking marijuana for 30 days, they set up scientific tests including medical exams, SATs, fertility, and psychic ability tests. Before engaging in the 30 days of highness, Benson had to cut off from alcohol and pot for 30 days to set up a control period.

Although the movie is set up in a documentary format, it is first and for most a comedy.  The movie does touch upon California’s medical marijuana laws and the tension between federal DEA agents and local dispensaries.  During the filming of the movie, Benson tours the country performing stand-up at local comedy clubs.  Footage of his stand-up fills up a lot of the movie.

One of the plot lines of the movie is the after effects of being high.  To play spoiler, most of Benson’s test results came out better when he was high.  The psychic ability test involved Benson, while physically separated from a set of flash cards, guessing the order of the cards.  Sober, Benson correctly guessed 1 out of 25.  Under the influence of marijuana, Benson correctly guessed 7 out of 25.

Also worthy of mention is the existence of Temple 420, a Christian church with special benefits for its members.  This church believes in the use of marijuana as a religious substance and protects its members from prosecution of religious marijuana.  Somehow, this seems to be working.

Score: B+

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