Movie Review: The Comebacks

comebacks_movie_cover.jpgThe Comebacks is a very simple movie, requiring no deep thought. When viewed with low expectations, the movie entertains. The Comebacks is chocked full of sports movie spoofs and satire from movies such as Invincible, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and The Longest Yard.

Most of the jokes here are based on slapstick violence, stereotypes, and sexual innuendos. The story follows Coach Lambeau Fields as he attempts to revitalize his coaching career, in middle of nowhere Heartland State University in Texas.

The movie is helped by cameo appearances from B list celebrities. Football legends Michael Irvin, Lawrence Taylor, and Eric Dickerson show up on the football field. Former NBA player Dennis Rodman, Dancing with the Stars’ Stacy Keibler and Drew Lachey, and Frank Caliendo add distraction to the stale and over-used storyline.

If you watch the movie expecting an intellectually involved plot and character depth, I hope you were drunk. Its not a bad way of wasting an hour and a half, but don’t expect much. At least its better than Epic Movie.

Score: B


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