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In an earlier blog entry where I spoke about moving hosts, I mentioned using Chris Heilmann’s Canvas Pie Chart in some way. Unfortunately, I never got around to digging into the code to create something for Frobie.

However, while browsing through SourceForge for cool scripts, I found another option for my graph creations. The option turned out to be an open-source flash script created by John Glazebrook called Open Flash Chart.

Open Flash Chart is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. And since the code is open-source, you can go in and fiddle around with the ActionScript to fit your needs. What makes the package easy to use are the classes created which support a wide array of programming languages–PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby, .NET, and Python.

The one downside of the Open Flash Chart is the lack of SEO due to search engines being unable to read Flash. The Canvas Pie Chart does not have this problem.

I used the Open Flash Chart to create a Season Comparison tool for the Golden State Warriors on andboo Sports. The chart compares the Warriors’ current season with a previous season which can be selected from a drop down below. Selecting a different season reloads the chart without refreshing the page giving the feature the sought after Web 2.0 feel. :)

One thought on “Open Flash Chart

  1. Hey, just felt the need to say thanks for the great plug :-)

    I am almost finished rewriting open flash charts in actionscript 3 (using the new flex framework) so everything is opensource now – the compiler, the editor and the charts :-)

    Most search engines can read inside flash files and the new AS3 makes it easier for them. I work for an SEO company in the UK :-)


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