PHPLD Template Tutorial – Part 3

Now that we know the smarty tags from Part 2, we can learn about the variables passed to the templates for Smarty to manipulate:

$_POST – array; data returned from a form
$data – array; data returned from a query; different for each page
$stats – array; tally of various stats; fields:
   statActiveLinks – integer; tally of active links in directory
   statPendingLinks – integer; tally of pending links waiting for validation
   statTodaysLinks – integer; tally of links validated during the current day
   statArticles – integer; tally of active articles in directory
   statCategories – integer; tally of active categories in directory
   statsSubCategories – integer; tally of active subcategories in directory
$user_info – array; user info; fields:
   ID – integer; user unique identification number
   LOGIN – integer; user’s login name
   NAME – integer; user’s real name
   PASSWORD – integer; user’s password
   LEVEL – integer; user’s group level
   RANK – integer;
   ACTIVE – integer; whether the user is active
   LAST_LOGIN – date; last time the user logged in
   REGISTRATION_DATE – date; when the user registered
   SUBMIT_NOTIF – integer;
   PAYMENT_NOTIF – integer;
   ADDRESS – string; user’s address
   EMAIL – string; user’s email address
   WEBSITE – string; link to user’s website
   WEBSITE_NAME – string; user’s website’s name
   INFO – string
   ANONYMOUS – integer; whether the user submits articles anonymously
   LANGUAGE – string; language the user uses
   AVATAR – string;
   ICQ – string; user’s ICQ number
   AIM – string; user’s AIM name
   YIM – string; user’s Yahoo IM name
   MSN – string; user’s MSN name
   CONFIRM – string;
   NEW_PASSWORD – string; user’s new password
$agreement_terms – integer; whether or not the user agreed to the terms during registration
ALLOW_AUTHOR_INFO – const; set in admin to determine if author’s info shows up in articles
$allowedAttr – string; allowed attributes during article/link submission; default: none
$AllowedFeat – boolean; determines if categories have featured links
$allowedTags – string; allowed html tags during article/link submission; default: b, strong, i, u, strike, span
$ArticleLimit – integer; difference between the max article length and actual article length or the max article length if the actual article length is greater
$articles -2D array; list of articles; fields:
   ID – integer; unique id number for article
   TITLE – string; article title
   DESCRIPTION – string; article blurb seen in the listings
   ARTICLE – string; article content
   CATEGORY_ID – integer; category id the article belongs to
   STATUS – integer;
   VALID – integer;
   RATING – integer; article average rating by the users
   VOTES – integer; tally of user ratings
   COMMENT_COUNT – integer; tally of user comments
   OWNER_ID – integer; the author’s id
   OWNER_NAME – integer; the author’s name
   OWNER_EMAIL – string; the author’s email address
   OWNER_NOTIF – integer;
   DATE_MODIFIED – date; last time article was edited
   DATE_ADDED – date; when the article was submitted
   FEATURED_MAIN – integer; whether the article should appear on the main page
   FEATURED – integer; whether the article should appear first in its category
   EXPIRY_DATE – date; when the article should become hidden from view
   PAYED – integer; whether the author paid to post article
   ARTICLE_TYPE – integer;
   IPADDRESS – string; author’s ip address
   DOMAIN – string;
   OTHER_INFO – string;
   MAIN_KEYWORDS – string; keywords used in meta tag for article page
   MAIN_DESCRIPTION – string; description used in meta tag for article page
$captcha_length – integer; length of captcha phrase set in admin; default: 5
$categID – integer; category ID
$category – string;
$CategoryID – integer; category ID or 0 if invalid category
$categoryList – 2D array; list of categories; fields:
   ID – integer; category ID
   TITLE – string; category name
   SUBCATEGS – integer; 1=has sub categories, 0=does not have sub categories
$CategoryTitle – string; category name
$categs – 2D array; category info–could contain the same fields as $categoryList or it could contain the fields below:
   ID – integer; category id
   TITLE – string; category’s name
   CACHE_TITLE – string; category’s name preceded by its parent category’s name
   TITLE_URL – string; stub representing category to be used in determining it’s URL
   CACHE_URL – string; current category’s stub preceded by its parent stub
   DESCRIPTION – string; description of the category
   TDESCRIPTION – string; browser title
   CATCONTENT – string;
   PARENT_ID – integer; current category’s parent category’s id
   STATUS – integer;
   DATE_ADDED – date; date category was added to the directory
   HITS – integer; count of clicks on category
   SYMBOLIC – integer;
   SYMBOLIC_ID – integer;
   META_KEYWORDS – string; category’s meta keywords
   META_DESCRIPTIONS – string; category’s meta descriptions
   SUBCATS – optional 2D array; same data as above but for the sub categories
   COUNT – integer; tally of categories and links associated with the current category
$COMMENT – string; user’s comment for an article
$commentError – integer; 1=issue with comment
$comments – 2D array; list of comments for an article; fields:
   ID – integer; comment unique id
   ARTICLE_ID – integer; article id being commented on
   USER_ID – integer; id of user who made comment
   USER_NAME – string; name of user who made comment
   COMMENT – string; user’s comment
   DATE_ADDED – date; when user made comment
   IDADDRESS – string; ip address of user who made comment
   STATUS – integer; whether to show comment
$comments_on – integer; whether to allow comments; 0=no, 1=yes
$confirm – integer; determines if user logged in correctly
$contactSent – integer; determines if email was sent; 0=no, 1=yes
$core_templates – string; name of templates to be used for admin
$count – integer; tally of links
$description – string; search result message or category description
$DescriptionLimit – integer; difference between the max meta description length and actual meta description length or the max meta description length if the actual meta description length is greater
$disablearticlereason – string; message for why article submission is disabled
$disablereason – string; message for why directory is disabled
$double_review – string; message to inform user the link/article has not been reviewed yet
$email_error_msg – string; message for why email failed to be sent
$email_sent – string; confirmation message for when email has been sent; fail=error, success=sent
$email_status – integer; status code for when the send email script has completed
$error – string; error message
$error_cat_tree – integer; issue with category tree; 0=no issue, 1=issue
$errorMsg – string; email error message or search error message
$failed – boolean; true=login failure
$feat_links – 2D array; list of featured links; fields:
   ID – integer; link unique id
   TITLE – string; link title
   DESCRIPTION – string; link description
   URL – string; link url
   ADDRESS – string;
   CITY – string;
   STATE – string;
   ZIP – string;
   PHONE_NUMBER – string;
   CATEGORY_ID – integer; category id the link belongs to
   RECPR_URL – string; reciprocal url
   RECPR_REQUIRED – integer; whether or not a reciprocal url is required during link submission
   STATUS – integer;
   VALID – integer; whether link is valid
   RECPR_VALID – string; whether reciprocal link is valid
   OWNER_ID – integer; user id of link submitter
   OWNER_NAME – string user name of link submitter
   OWNER_EMAIL – string; user email of link submitter
   OWNER_NOTIF – integer;
   DATE_MODIFIED – date; when the link was updated
   DATE_ADDED – date; when the link was submitted
   HITS – integer; tally of clicks the link has
   LAST_CHECKED – date; last time link was checked for validity
   RECPR_LAST_CHECKED – date; last time reciprocal link was checked for validity
   PAGERANK – integer; google page rank of link
   RECPR_PAGERANK – integer; google page rank of reciprocal link
   FEATURED_MAIN – integer; whether or not link should appear on main page
   FEATURED – integer; whether or not link should be featured in category page
   EXPIRY_DATE – date; when the link will no longer be featured
   NOFOLLOW – integer; whether or not search engines should give juice to the link
   PAYED – integer; whether or not the featured link is paid for
   LINK_TYPE – integer;
   IPADDRESS – integer; ip address of link submitter
   DOMAIN – string;
   OTHER_INFO – string;
   META_KEYWORDS – string; meta keywords for link detail page
   META_DESCRIPTION – string; meta description for link detail page
   RECPR_EXPIRED – date; when the reciprocal link is no longer valid
$featuredlinks – 2D array; same as $feat_links
$have_search_results – integer; 0=no search results, 1=found search results
$hitlessOptions – array; used in advanced search; fields:
   0 – string; At Least
   1 – string; At Most
$imagehash – string; captcha hash; used for comparison purposes
$img_verification_error – boolean; true=captcha did not match, false=captcha matched
$InfoLimit – integer; remaining character limit on author’s info field
$languages – array; list of accepted languages; look in your /lang directory
$lart – integer; 1=latest articles available
$latest_art – 2D array; list of latest articles; same fields as $articles with additional field:
   DAT – date; DATE_ADDED in the format of abbreviated month followed by zero-filled date (e.g. Jan 01 through Dec 31)
$link_id_error – string; error message for invalid reciprocal or regular link
LINK_TYPE – integer;
$links – 2D array; list of links; same fields as $featuredlinks
$list – string; list filter name: latestlinks, latest, toplinks, top, latestarticles
$list_articles – 2D array; list of articles found in search results; same fields as $articles
$list_cat – 2D array; list of categories found in search results; same fields as $categs
$load_Javascript – integer; 0=do not load javascript, 1=load javascript
$locationOptions – array; looks like page headings; fields:
   links – string; Links
   articles – string; Articles
   categories – string; Categories
$logged_comment – integer; 1=user is logged in
$logged_rating – integer; 1=user is logged in
$mainCategs – 2D array; list of categories seen on front page; same fields as $categs
$maincontent – string; main page text, may be the tagline
$MetaAuthor – string; content for the meta author tag
$MetaCopyright – string; content for the meta copyright tag
$MetaDescription – string; content for the meta description tag
$MetaDescriptionLimit – integer; difference between the max meta description length and actual meta description length or the max meta description length if the actual meta description length is greater
$MetaKeywords – string; content for the meta keywords tag
$MetaRobots – string; content for the meta robots tag
$no_permission – boolean; true=user does not have access
$p – integer; current page number plus 1
$pages – 2D array; list of pages created in admin; fields
   ID – integer; unique page id
   NAME – string; page name
   SEO_NAME – string; page seo name
   CONTENT – string; page content
   STATUS – integer; page visibility
   PRIVACY – integer;
   PLACEMENT – integer; where in the main menu the page link should appear
   SHOW_IN_MENU – integer; whether the link should appear in the main menu
   DATE_ADDED – date; when page was added
   DATE_MODIFIED – date; when page was last modified
   META_KEYWORDS – string; meta keywords for page
   META_DESCRIPTION – string; meta description for page
$parentID – integer; a category’s parent ID
$password_recovered – integer; 1=password update successful, 0=password update unsuccessful
$path – array; administrative data for current page; fields:
   ID – integer;
   TITLE – string; page heading
   TITLE_URL – string;
   DESCRIPTION – string; short page description
$PAYMENT – array; payment data; fields:
   ID – integer; payment id
   LINK_ID – integer; id for link to be paid for
   IPADDRESS – string; ip address of payer
   QUANTITY – integer; tally of months(?)
   AMOUNT – float; cost per month(?)
   TOTAL – float; total cost
   UM – integer;
   PAY_DATE – date; current date and time
   CONFIRMED – integer;
   SUBSCRIBED – integer; subscription to newsletter?
$payment_um – ?
$posted – boolean;
$price – array; prices for each link; fields:
   featured – integer; price of featured link
   normal – integer; price of normal link
   free – integer; 0
   reciprocal – integer; price of reciprocal link
$printSearchPage – string; results=search results, form=advanced search form
$profileUpdate – string; yes=profile updated, no=profile not updated
$prurl – string; current url
$quantity – integer; number of months(?) the payment is for
$random_link – array; info for random link; same fields as $feat_links
$rating_disabled – string; disabled=rating disabled
$ratingError – string; error message for invalid rating
$ratings_on – integer; 0=ratings disabled for articles, 1=ratings enabled for articles
$recpr_required – integer; determines if reciprocal link is required for link submission
$regular_user_details – array; info about the logged in user; fields:
   ID – integer; user id
   LOGIN – string; user login
   NAME – string; user name
   EMAIL – string; user email
$regularlinks – 2D array; list of non-featured links; same fields as $feat_links
$remove_article – integer;
$remove_link – integer;
$review_article – integer;
$review_link – integer;
$rules – string; submission guidelines
$scriptname – string; current php file
$search – 2D array; list of search results for either category or articles
$search_article – string; content from search_article.tpl
$search_category – string; content from search_category.tpl
$search_terms – 2D array; same as $search
$searchquery – array; search parameters
$secondBanCheck – integer; 0=listed in ban table, 1=not listed in ban table
$send_password – integer; 1=on send password page
$ShowReciprField – integer; 0=hide reciprocal field, 1=show reciprocal field
SITE_NAME – string; web site name
$sort – string; sort parameter abbreviation
$sortbyOptions – array; names of sort options; fields:
   relevancy – string; Relevancy
   title – string; Title
   hits – string; Hits
   category – string; Category
$sortorderOptions – array; names of sort directions; fields:
   desc – string; Descending Order
   asc – string; Ascending Order
$sql_error – string; database error message
$StopLinkHits – integer; 0=enable link hit talley, 1=disable link hit tally
$SubLength – integer; length of subscription
$subscribe – integer; 0=did not subscribe, 1=subscribed
$SubscribeOptions – array; subscribe options; fields:
   0 – string; No
   1 – string; Yes
$Subscription – array; subscription info; fields:
   UM – string; Month, Year, Lifetime
   PERIOD – integer;
$SubscriptionEnabled – 0=user subscription disabled, 1=user subscription enabled
$SubscriptionF – array; fields same as $Subscrition
$SubscriptionN – array; fields same as $Subscrition
$SubscriptionPeriod – integer; length of subscription time
$SubscriptionR – array; fields same as $Subscrition
$SubscriptionUm – string; name of subscription time
$thank_you – integer; 1=display thank you message
$title – string; path title
$title_prefix – string; path title
$titleonlyOptions – array; title search options; fields:
   0 – string; Search All Fields
   1 – string; Search Titles Only
$uid – integer; user id
$url – string; a url
$user_edit – integer; 1=on the edit page
$user_registration – integer; 1=on the register page
$useRTE – integer; 1=use rich text editor
VERSION – PHPLinkDirectory version number
$wrong_user_details – integer; 1=wrong details for user profile
$yesno – array; yes/no options; fields:
   0 – string; No
   1 – string; Yes

3 thoughts on “PHPLD Template Tutorial – Part 3

  1. Great articles these 3 from phpLD, it is the first time when i found something really useful and organized informations about this subject!
    As a new user of smarty/phpLD, i have one question and i hope you could light me up, because you are more qualified: i have some duplicate meta (title/description) on the same category. How can i add the page number in meta tags?
    I solved the problem at the global level by adding {$smarty.capture.title|strip} to the meta and i think of some kind of same solution for the pagenumber.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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