PHPLD Template Tutorial – Part 4

In Part 3, we familiarized ourselves with the variables passed from the code side to the templates. Today, we learn the specific variables passed from the PHP files to their respective templates.

init.php => all templates
$core_templates, VERSION, $MetaRobots, $MetaKeywords, $MetaDescription, $MetaAuthor, $MetaCopyright, $load_Javascript, $regular_user_details, $stats, $mainCategs, $latest_art, $featuredlinks, $regularlinks, $random_link, $scriptname, $maincontent, $pages
Note: The variables above are available for all templates.

index.php => header.tpl
$tdescription, $TITLE, $ADDRESS, $search, $in_page_title, $links, $category, $scriptname

index.php => top_nav.tpl
$cat, $category, $current_path, $list, $p, $path, $search

index.php => footer.tpl

index.php => main.tpl
$sort, $list, $have_search_results, $uid, $search, $search_terms, $list_cat, $search_category, $list_articles, $search_article, $title_prefix, $feat_links, $category, $path, $count, $links, $articles, $categs, $p, $StopLinkHits, $MetaKeywords, $MetaDescription

login.php => login.tpl
$no_permission, $failed, $path

page.php => page.tpl
$data, $path, $MetaKeywords, $MetaDescription, $error

add_reciprocal.php => add_reciprocal.tpl
$link_id_error, $posted, $sql_error, $path, $data

article.php => article.tpl
$imagehash, $COMMENT, $img_verification_error, $commentError, $ratingError, $error, $comments, $rating_disabled, $logged_comment, $logged_rating, $captcha_length, $path, $data, $MetaKeywords, $MetaDescription, $ratings_on, $comments_on, $SITE_NAME

author.php => author.tpl
$error, $path, $data, $SITE_NAME, $MetaKeywords, $MetaDescription

categ_tree.php => category_tree.tpl
$CategoryTitle, $parentID, $categoryList, $categID, $action, $error_cat_tree

contact.php => contact.tpl
$imagehash, $path, $contactSent, $_POST, $captcha_length, $data, $error, $errorMsg

detail.php => detail.tpl
$error, $path, $data, $MetaKeywords, $MetaDescription

payment.php => payment.tpl
payment.php => paypal.tpl
$Subscription, $SubLength, $PAYMENT, $error, $quantity, $subscribe, $price, $action, $path, $SubscribeOptions, $data, $payment_um, $SubscriptionEnabled, $SubscriptionPeriod, $SubscriptionUm

profile.php => profile.tpl
$thank_you, $confirm, $password_recovered, $imagehash, $send_password, $email_sent, $email_error_msg, $email_status, $wrong_user_details, $_POST, $data, $agreement_terms, $user_registration, $user_edit, $imagehash, $languages, $user_info, $error, $errorMsg, $profileUpdate, $InfoLimit, $yesno, $captcha_length, $registration_errors, $path, $SITE_NAME, $ALLOW_AUTHOR_INFO

rss.php => rss2.tpl
$title, $lart, $description, $url, $links

rules.php => rules.tpl
$data, $path, $SITE_NAME, $rules

search.php => article_search.tpl
search.php => category_search.tpl
search.php => search.tpl
$printSearchPage, $have_search_results, $MetaRobots, $error, $errorMsg, $path, $searchquery, $list_cat, $search_category, $list_articles, $search_article, $links, $printSearchPage, $path, $titleonlyOptions, $locationOptions, $hitlessOptions, $sortbyOptions, $sortorderOptions, $data

submit.php => submit.tpl
$imagehash, $path, $useRTE, $SubscriptionF, $SubscriptionN, $SubscriptionR, $price, $recpr_required, $ShowReciprField, $double_review, $AllowedFeat, $secondBanCheck, $posted, $error, $_POST, $DescriptionLimit, $MetaDescriptionLimit, $disablereason, $allowedTags, $allowedAttr, $captcha_length, $remove_link, $review_link, $categs, $SubscriptionEnabled, $payment_um, $load_Javascript, $CategoryTitle, $data, $LINK_TYPE

submit_article.php => submit_article.tpl
$imagehash, $path, $useRTE, $double_review, $posted, $error, $_POST, $allowedTags, $allowedAttr, $DescriptionLimit, $ArticleLimit, $MetaDescriptionLimit, $disablearticlereason, $captcha_length, $remove_article, $review_article, $categs, $load_Javascript, $prurl, $CategoryID, $CategoryTitle, $data, $SITE_NAME

unauthorized.php => unauthorized.tpl

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