Stream of Conciousness #1

I read somewhere that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. It being the ability to write. Researching on this subject, one solution to keep the ability sharp was to write for a set time limit every day. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to start at a set time and write for 10 minutes straight on whatever I can to fill the full 10 minutes.

Time: 9:21pm

I need to dust my monitor, its getting mighty dusty since the last time I cleaned up. I’m not sure what is generating the dust. Where does dust come from exactly? Do I bring it in with me from outside. Does an imaginary cat cough it up and makes the invisible dander become visible to the naked eye? I’ve never seen that style of box before. Where did I get it? It has some funny script on the box. Sort of looks like Japanese, but I’m not sure since I can’t read Japanese. Speaking of which, Japanese culture is pretty cool. I would like to visit Japan once in my lifetime. Not to live in though. The amount of land space on the island seems pretty limited. I wonder if they ever have plans to extend their islands like that Dubai place. Dubai. It’s so sad what the economic downturn did for them. Every time I flip on the television to the Discovery channel, the network would always have a documentary on the construction workers building a new island or a new tower. A place of wealth for the wealthy. I’ve even seen ads in the subway trying to get passengers to fly to Dubai on an otherworldly air class. The step above Business. The ad had a picture of a bed and a guy sipping wine while surfing on his laptop. Pretty extravagant if you ask me. Since the whole economy dropping thing, I haven’t seen any ads anymore from Dubai. The documentaries no longer appear on Discovery Channel, instead news reports from the area talk about construction jobs stopping. Maybe those guys can offer their services to Japan. They did build islands for Dubai so they could probably do the same for Japan. Expand into the sea. They could build islands perpendicular to the current set of islands in the northern part of their country to for the letter J. How awesome would that be? Maybe they can sponsor their island. There is always people out there that may want their own island.

Time: 9:31 pm

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