Texas with a WTF Moment

Watched the news last night and a video story came up of Texas’ Governor Perry saying their state should secede from the United States. Really?

Sure, talking about secession isn’t a new thing. There was talk in California about becoming its own country when the state had a larger GDP than many independent nations. But, all it was just talk. It never came out of the mouths of the states’ leadership.

But, let’s just run with it. What would it mean for Texas to become its own country?

They will no longer be subject to the laws and regulations of the United States.
They can set their own rules and policies for immigration.
They can create their own constitution to fit their ideals.

That sounds pretty sweet, but what would Texas lose by becoming its own country?

They will no longer have the protection of the United States military.
Texans living abroad (outside Texas) will have to apply for a working visa or be deported.
They will have to decide on the type of political system to use–Total Capitalism, Democracy, Dictatorship?
Their leader will be Governor Perry.

Cons seem to outweigh the Pros there.

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