Missing Fast Food

I was down near the Embarcardero Center today having finished an errand and I had the sudden craving for a Carl’s Jr burger. I knew there was a place nearby having gone to the fast food restaurant while working at a previous job.

I could already taste the triple decker burger as I headed to my destination, only to find the fast food chain gone. The horror! In place of Carl’s Jr. was a Mexican placed called Rubio’s. The place seemed packed which is good for them, but bad for me. Especially during the critical lunch hour. Time was ticking away.

The only place I knew in the area for a decent lunch was two blocks away; a sandwich place called Gambino’s NY Subs. Suprisingly, there wasn’t a line out the door like all the other times I’ve been there. I usually get the Boston Bulger with east coast-style condiments, but today I had to get back to the office so I went with the Italian. Either one is a good meal so I wasn’t disappointed.