Po Chai Pills to the Rescue

Sushi is awesome.

Day-old sushi is still awesome.

Multiple day-old sushi is not so awesome.

Having returned from a weekend trip, I noticed a plate of sushi sitting in the food dispenser. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gobbled the sushi down lickety-split.

I should have seen the warning signs. The browning avocado on top, the hardened rice, the chewy texture of the shrimp–all signs of spoiled food. Five hours later, I learned to regret my hasty actions.
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Cajun Food

Wow.. first time I’ve tried cajun food. I went to Creola with a friend. Upon arriving, there was only one customer there. Maybe we were early. The atmosphere seemed like a more quiet and personal type of environment. The place was nicely decorated and a few tables along the wall even had couches with pillows. I was very anxious to try out the what Cajun food taste like. The last time I went to try was at Crawdad King in Milpitas. They didn’t have any Gumbo or Jumbalaya, so we were stuck with only eating Cajun Crawdads. But this time was a little different!

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Best Fries in Downtown San Francisco

Ayola, on 114 New Montgomery Street, has the best fries within a three block radius of 2nd and Howard in downtown San Francisco. They are meaty and large to chew and seasoned well. You come away surprised when you realize they are originally frozen; most likely purchased from a bulk wholesaler.

But, their frozen starting state does not deter me from ordering the fries every time I go to Ayola for lunch. The frozen fries are dumped into a metal tray and slid into the Fry Master 4000 (?). Three to five minutes later, they spit out toasty hot. The overseer seasons the hot batch of fries considerably and then scoops a load full into the brown paper bag to go along with the rest of the order.

Sometimes I forgo the rest of the order and just get the fries to go along with food I purchased from another establishment. I am not a big fan of the texture of the meat in the gyros. They seem packed to me. If I had to choose though, I usually get the Chicken Shawarma.


Cooking Steaks Part 2

Appearantly the method of “The cooking method will be a frying pan -> oven @ 450.”  does not work for ribeyes.  That method is mainly for pot roast, london broils or tri tips in the ovens.  This method, if used on ribeye steaks, will make it overcooked and dry.

The second attempt for making the Ribeye was to just use a frying pan.  Make sure the steak is 1.5 inch thick.
Methodology used:

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Cooking Steaks

wow.. first time seeing instructions for cooking steak.. i guess theres much to learn, daniel son!

I will be attempting to cook my first rib-eye steak tonight. I’ve cooked other lesser-quality steaks, but not this one.

7 Tips for Steaks

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SacTown’s Finest

On Saturday, I and a friend went up to El Dorado, near Sacramento, to visit a friend.

I had a lot of preconceptions of what Sacramento would be like beforehand. I expected cows and pigs to be grazing in the streets with politicians and lawyers running to-and-fro chasing constituents and ambulances. Shockingly, the area was nothing like how I imagined.

For one, the weather was actually quite nice. The last time I was up in Davis, the weather was hot and dry; I felt like a finely-baked potato after the trip. The weather in El Dorado was totally different. There was nary a cloud in the sky and it had a nice soft breeze. The temperature was around the same temperature I would have expected in San Francisco.
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Clam Chowder Heaven or Hell?

Yesterday, I had lunch at Boudins, a bakery/cafe on 2nd and Market which serves salad, sandwiches, and soups. I’ve only been to the place once before and had the clam chowder in a bread bowl. It tasted pretty good before so I didn’t hesitate to order it again.

I didn’t realize that moment would be the cause of my downfall.

The clam chowder tasted good again, the bread was chewy and the butter tasted like real butter.

However, not less than a few hours later I had to visit the potty. This trend continued for much of the day and late into the night. I had been fighting off the onset of a cold for much of the week and the lack of sleep did not help at all.

Being sick just plain sucks.

I may avoid Boudins in the future, even though it may not be their food. But, usually, once I have one bad experience, I avoid the place like the plague.


Missing Fast Food

I was down near the Embarcardero Center today having finished an errand and I had the sudden craving for a Carl’s Jr burger. I knew there was a place nearby having gone to the fast food restaurant while working at a previous job.

I could already taste the triple decker burger as I headed to my destination, only to find the fast food chain gone. The horror! In place of Carl’s Jr. was a Mexican placed called Rubio’s. The place seemed packed which is good for them, but bad for me. Especially during the critical lunch hour. Time was ticking away.

The only place I knew in the area for a decent lunch was two blocks away; a sandwich place called Gambino’s NY Subs. Suprisingly, there wasn’t a line out the door like all the other times I’ve been there. I usually get the Boston Bulger with east coast-style condiments, but today I had to get back to the office so I went with the Italian. Either one is a good meal so I wasn’t disappointed.


There can only be one…

Sandwich Shop.

If the sandwiches from the various sandwich places around SOMA were to duke it out, the sandwiches from The Snack Depot would reign supreme.

Hidden inside an office building on the 300th block of 2nd Street, The Snack Depot is a small convenience type store which sells one of the largest sandwiches you would find in SOMA at an unreasonably low price. Finding the place is probably the most difficult part.
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