Ghosts Own the Night

Last night was freaky scary.

Around 2:30am, I was lying in bed playing Neves on the DS. Then I heard two distinct voices scream out. One was crooning off-key while the other was wailing in sorrow. The two voices clashed and the volume rose as they became more distressed.

I lept out of bed and scrambled to the window. This was a once in a lifetime event; seeing ghosts, that is.

I looked to the right. Nothing.

I looked to the left. Nothing.

Maybe my ears were playing tricks on me. The night was absolutely silent.

I climbed back into bed and the voices came back at an even louder decibel. They were angry. The crooning became shouts; the wailing became cries.

I was tempted to take a look; but, I was afraid of what I would find. Besides, ghosts should stay ghosts. We shouldn’t interact with them unless we want to become ghosts ourselves.


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