NDS: Final Fantasy III Game Review

Final Fantasy III DSWhile waiting for Square Enix to release their remake of Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS, I’ve been playing their remake of Final Fantasy III. So far, I’ve put in three hours into the game. The gameplay brings back fond memories of playing the first Final Fantasy on the Nintendo without the despair of losing the saved game.

The game begins with an introduction of Luneth as he falls through a hole in a cave. Luneth works his way out of the cave and in the process stumbles upon a floating crystal which sends him on a journey as one of the guardians of the Light.

Within the first few quests, we meet the rest of the party members and a familiar face. Arc joins Luneth to prove to others and himself that he is not a coward. Refia follows in order to get away from her over-protective father. And Ingus rounds out the crew after the others help him rescue Princess Sara.
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