Taking the Corporate Elevator

The other day, I was talking to my mentor at work and he spoke about certain guidelines which must be followed in the corporate world. The failure to follow these guidelines could mean certain doom when one is looking to rise higher; especially when taking the corporate elevator.

Do not keep the door open.

Corporate workers are busy people; there is always a meeting to attend. When stepping into an elevator, press the floor button and position yourself either in the back or to the side away from the panel. In this way, the line of sight between yourself and potential passengers is small. If the elevator is full and the only available spot is at the panel, avoid eye-contact with the potential passenger.

Stand in the corners.

No one wants to stand next to each other; that is very uncomfortable. There was a study done in some college which proved people did not like standing next to one another or something to that affect, so it just shouldn’t be done. When entering into an empty elevator, the corners should be filled first. Then the sides and finally the center.

All conversations must cease.

Once the elevator doors has opened, all conversations must end. Riding the elevator should be a time for internal reflection. Talking in an elevator causes problems. Due to the confined area, there is no escape from stupidity.

Eyes should remain on the floor indicator.

Do not stare at people. Much like standing next to someone in an empty elevator, staring is also uncomfortable and impolite. Everyone should be looking at the floor indicator and praying for the elevator to note lose power.

Do not press all the floor buttons.

Don’t be an ass.

Do not pass gas.

This one should never happen. When you are the only one left, don’t make the elevator a ticking time bomb for the next unlucky fellow. Especially do not do it when the elevator is full. That is just wrong.

These are the main ones my mentor spoke about; they have helped me greatly in getting ahead.

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