Harvest Rowe Losing Appeal

As part of my healthy balanced diet, I decided on salad for lunch today. For those who’ve known me, that is close to blasphemy. But, I was introduced to Harvest Rowe on my second day of work and was promptly hooked. Not only were the salads tasty but the place was only two blocks away on 2nd and Market.

The serving container is huge! The box would be about half the size of a 1/144 Gundam model box. The servers would jam as much greens into the box as possible and finish it off with a piece of bread. The container was practically bursting out of its seams and it weighed pretty heavily–two to three pounds at least. The price at the time was reasonable for the area, about $7.50 with the extra chicken I had them add.

But, my opinion has changed over the past year. The usual servers left and a new crop was introduced, only one remains from the old crew. The new servers are stingy. The box is no longer bursting with freshness. Instead, only half the box is actually filled. The bread is slid into one side to take up space, then the greens are placed on the side much like how a pillow is puffed up to seem bigger than it actually is. To go along with the decreased size is an increase in price. $8.50 for a Chicken Caesar Salad. Crazy!

Unfortunately, Harvest Rowe is the only decent salad place around unless I want a salad buffet from Lee’s or walk four more blocks to a place pass Market. Why have the food gods forsaken me? 🙁

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