The Mochi’s are Back!

In my never ending quest for online entertainment, I reached back into my dark days of college for an online comic I found funny and refreshing, The Mochi. The comic, drawn by Chris Tsubamoto and Ki Han, follows the adventures of three mochi balls with violent tendencies doing what every mochi ball wishes it could do–travel through time, blow things up, wax poetic about life, etc. I am not sure about the travel in time bit, but they were pretty violent.

I had to follow a pretty convoluted path to reach the comic back then.

I was taking a Human Sexuality course to fulfill a GE requirement. The class was a blast. Where else could you sit with 300+ other people in an auditorium and get graded for watching pornography.

One of the assignments was to read an article written by Ernie Hsiung on sexual orientation. The article was pretty well written and there was a website address in the footer. The URL took me to an online community for Asians called II Stix. The site was a repository of articles written by Asians cataloging their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. One of their links on the front page led me to the Mochi comic and I was instantly hooked. I even named one of my Mud characters (Mochi) at the time after the comic.

For whatever reason, the site dropped off the Internet soon after and had been on hiatus for the past 4-5 years. My fix for the Mochi comic waned in the meantime. But, while watching South Park today, the characters on the show reminded me of the comic from my past. I visited the site again to see if they were back up and they were! Awesome.

The Mochi comic also has its own website now which is even more awesome!

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