Pruning Comic Links

Lots of things get outdated and lose their place in this world. It’s a sad day when those things are comics. Looking through my links, a number of web comics are no longer available.

The Mochi (themochi.com) has become just another WordPress blog.

Eden World Saga (edenworldsaga.com) has reached its blank conclusion. (I was wrong about this one; the site was just down at the time. Comic is still ongoing.)

Even Dilbert (unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/) is no longer available.

Here is a picture of a sad panda to represent my current mood:

Image Disclaimer: The signature and watermark is hard to discern. I am reading it as “Joe C T”. Fine work there, Joe.


The Mochi’s are Back!

In my never ending quest for online entertainment, I reached back into my dark days of college for an online comic I found funny and refreshing, The Mochi. The comic, drawn by Chris Tsubamoto and Ki Han, follows the adventures of three mochi balls with violent tendencies doing what every mochi ball wishes it could do–travel through time, blow things up, wax poetic about life, etc. I am not sure about the travel in time bit, but they were pretty violent.
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Online Web Comics

My first aspiration during college was to become a manga artist. A friend of mines had me hooked on manga. I read all genres of manga–Dragonball, Hikaru no Go, Rough, Break Shot, etc. I thought to myself, “These manga artists seem to release a chapter a week. I should be able to do a strip a day then!”

Unfortunately, I ran into the proverbial writer’s block experienced by many aspiring authors. I had no idea how to start. Should I sketch out a rough plot? Should I just start drawing and let my imagination wander? How do these guys do it?

After a bit research, it turns out many manga artists draw from what they know or experienced. At the time, I was just going through the motions of a usual college student–wake up, get dressed, go to class, go home, do homework, and sleep. Not much to write about there.
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