The Secret Behind Sucrets

Being sick bites.

I thought the sore throat and stuffy nose from Wednesday would be gone after a good night’s sleep, I was wrong. I took this medication called Sucrets which worked wonders. My sore throat was gone in an instant and my nose wasn’t as clogged. Unfortunately, Sucrets had a side effect they don’t list on the box or their website.

Sucrets numbs your mouth. Not the good “Haha, I talk funny now” dentist numb, rather it numbs the roof of your mouth and parts of your tongue numb. But, it does leave the bitter taste buds intact.

So, I popped this pill and it melts away right before lunch. I picked up a Vietnamese sandwich at this place on 2nd called Muffins, Muffins. My first bite had absolutely no taste. But, as I pushed it further down my throat, I could taste the bitterness of the greens. The meat had this gravelly texture as well. I could feel the fat granules from the meat, but it had no taste. If there was one time in my life where I would have gladly been a vegan, it was right then at that moment.

So what have we learned from this experience? Sucrets – the secret weapon used by vegans to convert carnivores to their cause!

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