There can only be one…

Sandwich Shop.

If the sandwiches from the various sandwich places around SOMA were to duke it out, the sandwiches from The Snack Depot would reign supreme.

Hidden inside an office building on the 300th block of 2nd Street, The Snack Depot is a small convenience type store which sells one of the largest sandwiches you would find in SOMA at an unreasonably low price. Finding the place is probably the most difficult part.

Three blocks up from Market on the left hand side will be a plaza with a fountain. Walk across the bridge in the middle of the plaza until you reach the Tully’s Coffee Shop. Make a right and enter the office building, walk past the security desk and swing a left. In the corner would be The Snack Depot.

So far, I’ve tried the Hot Pastrami, Combination, and Pepper Beef sandwiches; no complaints. I’m slowly working up the courage to get their meatball sandwich. Yelpers raved about their Meatball sandwich but I have had only bad experiences eating meatballs in that area.

Everyone should check this place out; once you’ve had a sandwich at The Snack Depot, the ones sold at other shops wouldn’t compare.

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