Writers’ Block and the Awesomeness of Skid Steers

Can you believe it? My stream of consciousness practice has ended after one day. The second day, I was sitting at the computer and drew a complete blank. I blinked and 10 minutes had passed on by. I am probably not cut out to be a writer; although it was an interesting path when I was younger.

I am going back to what I am best at which is building random websites for kicks and giggles.

My next venture is making a website about skid steers. What is a skid steer you ask? If you’ve walked around a construction zone anywhere in the city that requires moving mounds of dirt in a small enclosed area, then you may have seen a miniature version of a bulldozer. These little suckers are awesome. They can do a tight turn spins and move dirt like nobodies business. I would jump at a chance to drive one of them. Does one need a license for them? Hopefully not.

Skid steers do not receive enough credit and that is why I am going to build a fan site for skid steers. That’s right! A fan site!

I’ll post the step-by-step process to creating a web site from nothing. Follow along as we dive into the world of skid steers!

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