CA: Prop 99 – Eminent Domain. Acquisition of Owner-Occupied Residence. Constitutional Amendment.

Why must the government be so confusing? Proposition 98 and 99 are related on the subject matter yet have slight differences. If proposition 99 passes, proposition 98 would not take into effect and vice versa.

Proposition 99 is less confusing than 98 and does not have the added issue of rent control. Proposition 99 would prohibit the government from taking a single-family home or condominium through eminent domain and transferring the property to another private owner.

Of course there are some caveats.

The property can still be taken if:
(1) the property poses a public safety and health risk;
(2) the property needs to be used for public work;
(3) or the property was used for criminal activities.

This amendment does not apply if the owner did not live on the property or had not lived there for more than half a year.

This amendment would be a pretty big change. A while back when SBC Park was first built on the China Basin in San Francisco, the area around the park was dilapidated. When redevelopment plans were laid out for the area, the City was in their right to acquire the surrounding properties and transfer them to a development agency. The reason would fall under the blight and redevelopment for economic purposes issue. This proposition would stop these type of seizures.

So a vote of Yes would make development agencies build around your home.

A vote of no would keep things status quo while also opening the door for the passing of Proposition 98.

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