Pet Peeve #5

I was standing in a crowded bus this morning in front of the outward facing seats. The person sitting down got up to leave at her stop. In this type of situation, I let anyone sit down out of courtesy. Although grateful, some people are not considerate in return.

They take the seat but sit on the very edge. Doing so, their legs stick out into the path, right where I am standing. Need I remind everyone, the bus was packed as it is every morning. Standing room is scarce and a little bit of balance is lost when the handholds required further stretching to reach.

I noticed that mostly asians do this, usually old ones but the younger ones seem to copying them more often now. They would sit down on the very edge of the seat for five minutes, then slide back until they fully fill out the seat.

The question though is why? Are they worried that the ass heat from the previous occupant would affect them in a negative manner? Is it a healthier way to sit? Is a paganistic ritual designed to ward off evil spirits?!

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