Movie Review: Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday SpecialThe Star Wars Holiday Special is the stuff legends are made of. Its not so much a movie as it was a 2 hour TV special made one year after the original Star Wars movie, in 1978. George Lucas was not involved with the production, but he sure did cash the check.

It is likely you have never watched this film. And with good reason. George Lucas, and most viewers that watched the TV broadcast, hated the film. Lucas hated it so much that he had it locked away in the Lucas Films archives, never to be seen again. To this day, the film has only aired once on television and it has not been officially released in any way by Lucas Films.

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Movie Review: Family Guy Blue Harvest

Blue HarvestFamily Guy meets Star Wars. This movie is hilarious! Take the wacky yet brilliant humor of Family Guy and apply it to Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. The result is one damn entertaining movie.

The only gripe I had with the movie was its length. It is about 45 minutes long. This “movie” is actually the season 6 opener, aired on TV in September, 2007. The 45 minute length is the amount of content shown during a regular hour of broadcast television, with commercials filling up the rest of the time. It would have been great if this movie was feature length, say 80 minutes or so.


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