Dynamic Titles for WordPress Static Pages

EDIT: The links in this post no longer work; I have taken down the Secret of the Solstice repository. The plugin for the repository can be downloaded through this page.

I encountered a problem after pushing the Secret of the Solstice repository live. As you click through the pages to the various items, the browser title remained the same throughout.

If someone were to search for the Anti-Death Penalty Pendant 1% on a search engine, the only listings which would appear would be the main SotS page if by chance the item was listed under the latest gears column or the main gears page. The actual item page would not appear due to the browser title being the same as the main gears page.

A little background info on how I set up the pages.
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What is a Frobie?

Frobie.com has gone through an array of changes since its conception. Originally, I envisioned Frobie to become the primary competitor against this free after rebate site. I was looking for a name that was short and easy to remember. Freebie was taken, but I felt I was on the right track. Freebie led to frebie which led to frobie and thus, Frobie.com was born!

I quickly threw a site together and signed up for one of those associate programs. It’s been awhile, the program may be defunct by now. I would spend every free minute scouring the ad wires looking for free after rebate deals. Over time, this became tedious and time-consuming.
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