What is a Frobie?

Frobie.com has gone through an array of changes since its conception. Originally, I envisioned Frobie to become the primary competitor against this free after rebate site. I was looking for a name that was short and easy to remember. Freebie was taken, but I felt I was on the right track. Freebie led to frebie which led to frobie and thus, Frobie.com was born!

I quickly threw a site together and signed up for one of those associate programs. It’s been awhile, the program may be defunct by now. I would spend every free minute scouring the ad wires looking for free after rebate deals. Over time, this became tedious and time-consuming.

I decided to take the site in a different direction. I added a submission form so the public could do the work for me and in return, I would use their associate link when posting it on site. The submitter and I could then live happily in a symbiotic relationship. I even convinced a friend of mine to create a flash logo for the site. The pendulum action of the “i” is awesome. I can stare at it all day!

flash Frobie logo
Frobie Logo 2.0

Unfortunately, the concept did not get off the ground due to real-life getting in the way. Frobie.com lost steam and eventually became a storage site for my other projects.

As I jumped from project to project, I moved my blog from Xanga and created my own blogging system on Frobie. I even convinced a few friends to make the jump as well. Maintaining the blog became a hassle though and that period closed down as well. Frobie lost its appeal for awhile. An empty shell floating along the interweb.

Empty until January 11, 2008 when I finally got off my lazy ass and set up WordPress as my blogging avenue. I decided to keep Frobie as the site name as a reminder of where I began and the path I took to get to this point. As long as I can afford it, Frobie will forever exist as a my personal blog on the internet!

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